We empower communities through the  transformational energy of Media. 

We provide a platform for  unique and powerful stories to be heard.

We promote wellbeing & positive change

through creativity.

Welcome to Aelixir Media

We are a media group with a social conscience based in Bradford, The City of Culture 2025 .

We provide a voice to those in society striving to make meaningful change. 

We hope to entertain, educate and empower. 

To provide an ethical, responsible and mindful approach to film-making and media.

In the spotlight

Bradford’s newest pressure group Bradford4Better had its first clean up and we were delighted to film 

their positive efforts for the community.

The huge event was held across Bradford with hundreds of residents, businesses, political leaders and media present.

We were following the campaign as part of our documentary for The Get Smart Film Festival.

The alchemy of story-telling

Aelixir Media Gallery 9

We express through media

We aim to educate, entertain and empower through the transformational power of media.  

Aelixir Media Gallery 10

We provide a voice

We aim to provide a platform to those in society making meaningful change.

Aelixir Media Gallery 11

We instil mindfulness

We aim to have an ethical and responsible approach to film-making and media.


Be part of the change

If you have story to tell,
a project you are passionate about and want to share with the world,
we would love to hear from you!

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