Aelixir Media About Us

We are a media group based in Bradford, providing a voice to those in society 

striving to make meaningful change. 

With a team of experienced film-makers, writers and artists, 

we believe in bringing together a unique blend of talent to merge creativity with passion 

to tell unique and powerful stories. 

 Through inspiring and nurturing grass roots talent we hope to allow individuals and communities

to tell their own stories. 

To bring about change through the power of media and creativity.

Specialising in documentaries, short films and smart phone productions.

The alchemy of story-telling

Expression through media 

We aim to entertain, educate and empower. 

Providing a voice 

We provide a platform and a voice to those in society making meaningful change, 

to tell their story and inspire others.

Instilling mindfulness 

We have an ethical, responsible and mindful approach to media and film-making.