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 10th June 2020

Our second collaboration with Anarchy Cinema:

Born In Bradford

Another educating, thought-provoking and inspiring documentary by 

 Pishdaad Modaressi Chahardehi



June 2020

Aelixir Media are excited to announce the launch of

an independent news outlet for students by students.

Aelixir Media are venturing into the world of Independent journalism, exciting times ahead, watch this space…

To Find out more:

The City


Fasting Friday 22nd May 2020

Aelixir Media are providing media support to this amazing project by the Bradford Foundation Trust.

During this global pandemic, the citizens of Bradford have come together 

in this show of unity, kindness and solidarity.

For more information:


Coronavirus Covid-19 Global Pandemic

March 2020

Aelixir Media have been at the front line for the Bradford Covid-19 response.

We are producing  informational video content through these unprecedented times, 

and supporting our communities efforts.

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January 2020

Our first collaboration with Anarchy Cinema, the brilliant Pishdaad Modaressi:

Arise Mentoring is a personal development programme designed for refugee & asylum-seeking young people. 

The programme has been designed to aid children in developing their growth within society 

and enabling them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in later life.

Watch this space, many more exciting projects coming soon.

November 2019

Aelixir Media are collaborating with the amazing Pishdaad Modaressi, a brilliant young film maker from Bradford. 

Pishdaad and his production team at Anarchy Cinema will be doing a number of Bradford based documentaries 

highlighting the diversity of Bradford. 

If you have any topics you would like us to produce a documentary on, please contact us.

Looking forward to some creative magic in the coming months.

20th-22nd September 2019

Aelixir Media proud to be official sponsors of the first ever Get Smart Film Festival held in Bradford, The City Of Film. 

It was an amazing inaugural event with some stunning films and documentaries.

The bar has been set and we hope to be part of this annual event as it will get bigger and better in years to come.


9th August 2019

Aelixir Media’s projects have been selected to be screened at 

The Get Smart Film Festival in September 2019.


21st July 2019

Aelixir Media was on location to film the documentary 

for the pressure group Bradford 4 Better.

17th July 2019

Aelixir Media was on location to film the launch event 

for Arise Mentoring.

A fantastic initiative to support refugee children.


 13th July 2019

The team was on location filming the short film 

‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’, for The Get Smart Film Festival

Starring Belal Hussain, a psychological thriller with a twist.

Directed by Sohail Abraham Ahmed.