Aelixir Healing For Site


derived from the word Elixir, a substance that provides the cure to mysterious ailments,

and adds vitality to all that it infuses.


a mystical process combining art and science in a seemingly magical process

to bring about a positive transformation.

Aelixir: the alchemy of healing through creativity

We believe in the importance of creative healthcare, and we recognise that healing takes many forms and can be achieved through various paths.

Healing is more than restoring oneself to a healthy state,  healing involves development and nurturing to a state of being allowing us to reach our full potential.

The ability to express oneself: through art, media, communication, creativity, learning and development can be the gateway to healing, for individuals, communities and the wider society.

Through our media platform we hope to provide the tools for people to achieve this.


As part of our team we have experts in diverse fields  ranging from artists, writers, filmmakers, healthcare professionals, teachers, martial artists, community workers, motivational speakers and many more.

All with one united ethos: to inspire and heal through their respective subject.

Through the power of media, communication, public speaking, poetry, arts, sciences and sports we hope to provide a platform for self-development and healing.

If you have a passion for helping others, and want to share your experiences, or you want to develop your skills for a bigger platform, please get in touch with our team.

Join us in a journey of self exploration and healing.